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Tara is a manual therapist who provides a tailored therapy.  Using  strong or gentle hands as she listens to your muscles needs and your response.  With intelligence, compassion and professionalism.  Progressively, her skills and knowledge about the mind, body and spirit has evolved from yoga in 2002 to thai massage, general nutrition, reiki and pranic healing and registered massage therapy.  Not to leave out continuous study in complimentary subjects.

She has spent years in both a rehabilitation setting and a luxury spa and has resolved hundreds of muscle tension issues like sore lower backs, stiff necks, tension headaches and much more including relaxation techniques for mental stress.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.
", anon


Offering a range of services to be taken in the comfort of your home.  Referred to as OutCall or Mobile Wellness.

Sport Massage.  A targeted therapy for people who want to focus to a particular problem.

Swedish Massage.  A well rounded therapy for combining therapy with relaxation.

PreNatal Massage.  After the first trimester up until your delivery date, massage therapy can assist with the aches and sleeplessness that can accompany pregnancy.

Reiki/ Pranic/ Spiritual Healing.  A combination of different philosophies drawn together to clear your energy field, re energize and soothe the mind.

Yoga.  An introduction to a slow and gentle yoga technique in the privacy of your home.  A series is recommended.  This will include the yogic breathing, yoga postures and an introduction to calming the mind with meditation.

Meditation and/or Prayer.   A beginner guide to meditation and/or prayer.   DO you feel empty and lacking love.  Are you curious about prayer.  Do you want to know how to pray?  Do you wonder what prayer is and what are the reasons for prayer?  



Fees.  All fees are per person and in your provided space.

 60min.    $120        

 75min.    $140

 90min.    $160

120min.   $225

OUT CALL Therapy

PreScreening VideoCall for Security.

TaraLeela Prashad, RMT

Adhering to government and massage liciencing regulations for business and coronovirus19

    Registered Massage Therapist since 2008

    email a request to : info@taraleela.com